Minecraft Redstone Tutorial

If you are new to Minecraft, or simply wish to expand your knowledge on the varied uses of Redstone, then this Minecraft Redstone Tutorial will be a great place to start.

Minecraft Redstone is the name of a substance that is found way underground, and comes in various forms. When harnessed properly, the substance can be used in very powerful ways to create elaborate mechanisms within the game. The simplest way is to think of Redstone as a powersource, similar to a battery or fuel, which can be combined in various ways to create increasingly powerful objects and computers, through the use of wires and circuits. The next part of the Redstone Tutorial will explain the different forms.

Redstone Tutorial – Forms

Redstone starts out as Redstone Ore, which can be destroyed using a Pickaxe made of Iron or something stronger. Once the Ore is destroyed, it will drop 4 or 5 chunks of Redstone Dust, which is essentially a more refined and useable version. At this point, you may use the Dust to make Redstone Wire for a power-chain, or you can combine it with a stick to craft a Redstone Torch to generate power. Using a combination of Wire, Torches, Dust and Stone, you are able to create a Redstone Repeater, which has several, more intricate uses. Finally, if you wish to use it to full-potential, you will want to familiarize yourself with Redstone Circuits, which are the combinations and blueprints for building Redstone Mechanisms.

If you found the introduction of this Minecraft Redstone Tutorial to be helpful, but find yourself looking for more answers, then browse through each topic listed below.

Redstone Tutorial – Topics

  • Redstone Ore – The most basic form of Redstone, this is found deep underground and must be destroyed using a strong Pickaxe.
  • Redstone Dust – The purest form of Redstone, this substance is dropped from Ore and can make Wire and Torches.
  • Redstone Wire – Place the Dust on the ground and you will get Wire. Use this to form connected circuits that carry power from one place to another.
  • Redstone Torch – Use Torches to generate power by connecting them to Wire. These may also be used to make Redstone Power reach further.
  • Redstone Repeater – Also used to make power go further, Repeaters can be used in creating compact circuits used for various tasks.
  • Redstone Circuits – These are the guidelines and blueprints of how Redstone works, and how to create sophisticated mechanisms.
  • Redstone Simulator – Don’t want to waste your time with Circuits? Try a Simulator to assist in the process.