Minecraft Redstone Simulator

The Minecraft Redstone Simulator is an OpenSource tool designed by Baezon. This tool takes much of the stress away from hand-placing every Redstone Torch and Repeater.

There’s no doubt that Redstone in Minecraft is one of the hardest, most complicated objects to deal with. You could spend hours on your circuit, only to find out that a creeper has bombed one of your Redstone Wires and ruined the entire circuit.

Baezon’s Redstone Simulator Download

If you follow this link you will find V2.2 of Baezon’s Redstone Simulator, which is currently the most up-to-date version. (last edited Aug. 2011)

Redstone Simulator Tutorial

Below you will find a screenshot of the Redstone Simulator, as well as basic commands for using it. This tutorial is in no way a full guide, however it will get you started in the right direction.

The following will provide you with a basic Redstone Simulator Tutorial:

  • New – This will create a new 30x20x7 map for you to work on
  • Save and Load – Does exactly what it implies
  • Export as GIF – This will create a GIF file that has all the design components in layers from bottom to top
  • Left Click – Erases tiles and turns on switches
  • Right Click – Places selected objects onto the map
  • Middle Click – Changes the wall that Torches and Switches are attached to
  • Scroll – Selects a different item from the tool box