Minecraft Redstone Dust

Minecraft Redstone DustMinecraft Redstone Dust is the functional form of Minecraft Redstone. The object appears to resemble Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder and Sugar, but is ruby red.

Where to Find Redstone Dust in Minecraft

Redstone Dust can most commonly be found within Redstone Ore. You must destroy the Ore in order to get the Dust.

Mining Redstone Dust

To get Redstone Dust, you must destroy the Ore using a Pickaxe made from steel or a stronger substance. This will drop 4-5 piles of Redstone Dust which you can then pickup and use.

How to Use Redstone Dust

The most common uses of Redstone dust as a crafting ingredient, are for making Redstone Wire and a Redstone Torch. By combining the Dust with other ingredients, you can create several different objects. Each combination below will make the corresponding object:

  • Stick + Redstone Dust = Redstone Torch
  • Redstone Torch + Redstone Dust + Stone = Redstone Repeater
  • Gold Ingots + Redstone Dust = Clock
  • Iron Ingots + Redstone Dust = Compass
  • Wooden Planks + Redstone Dust = Note Block
  • Gold Ingots + Stick + Redstone Dust = Powered Rail
  • Iron Ingots + Stone Pressure Plate + Redstone Dust = Detector Rail
  • Cobblestone + Bow + Redstone Dust = Dispenser
  • Wooden Planks + Cobblestone + Iron Ingot + Redstone Dust = Piston

To read more about the uses of Dust, continue reading the Minecraft Redstone Tutorial, and choose Minecraft Redstone Torch or Minecraft Redstone Wire.