Redstone Logic Gates Tutorial

To begin, we’re going to need a few things.

- Redstone Dust
- Redstone Torch
- Redstone Repeater
- Button/Lever (Input Power)
- Sticky or Regular Piston (Output Power)

In this tutorial we’re going to be inverting power via a switch or a button. This will help to explain how a Logic Gate works. Logic Gates are very helpful and useful in Minecraft and are used in essentially every powered creation. Logic Gates help to invert and/or redirect power. You can also connect multiple inputs to affect a single or multiple output(s).

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Are you a Redstone Expert? Become a Contributor!

To all Restone Experts out there who would love to share their knowledge and teach some nublings a thing or two about Redstone, we are searching for pros like you.

We intend on making the ultimate Redstone website with tutorials, videos, blog posts, a forum, contests etc. and we are currently looking for Redstone Experts who want to help grow the community by sharing their knowledge. If you think your Stone is Red enough to teach others the way of the force, then please read on.
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Redstone Blog

Welcome to the very first Redstone Blog, dedicated entirely (well, maybe just 90%) to Minecraft Redstone! Whether you’re brand new to Minecraft, or becoming an advanced veteran, you NEED to know about Redstone, and that’s where we come in. Below you will find some of the amazing features of this site, as well as some of our upcoming plans. So keep reading and stay tuned, or we’ll hit you with a Pick-axe! Just kidding.. but seriously keep reading, and explore the site.
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